Care & Maintenance

Here is our advice and tips to keep your furniture looking great and giving you many years of service. Like most things in life, a little time and effort in maintenance goes a long way.


For maximum performance, keep your cushions dry and clean whenever possible. If they do get wet, don’t panic. Just remove the covers and allow the cushion pads and covers to dry out in the sun. Refit the covers when both are dry. Always store your cushions dry.

All outdoor acrylic covers can be removed from the foam pads and washed at less than 100°F/38°C with a mild detergent. Hand washing is recommended rather than machine washing. Scrub vigorously any tough stains with a soft brush. Rinse in cold water and then simply line dry. They will dry very quickly - do not place in a dryer or heat. You can also spot wash any stains without removing the covers by scrubbing vigorously with a soft brush and mild soap and wipe down with cold water to rinse. Take care when removing and reinstalling the foam pads. Fold the pads in half and insert them into the covers and then adjust to fit.



Woven furniture requires minimal maintenance. Simply use a mild natural detergent with luke warm water and a soft non abrasive brush. Rinse with a gentle spray of clean water from a hosepipe or bucket. Dry with a clean cloth if needed. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning materials.

Like any finely painted surface, occasional washing with mild natural detergent and a soft non abrasive cloth or sponge, and rinse with cold water will keep your powder coated furniture frames looking new. Dry with a clean cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning materials.



Use a good quality window cleaner to get a streak
free glass top.

HPCL (High Pressure Compact Laminate) tops in either solid or slotted treatment. Extremely durable and easy maintenance. Use warm water and a clean non abrasive cloth to remove most stains. Use a mild household cleaner or detergent if necessary and rinse with clean water. Always wipe surfaces with a clean dry non abrasive cloth after cleaning them.



Clean the furniture ferrules on an occasional basis with a dedicated stainless steel cleaner such as 3M’s Stainless Steel Cleaner. This is more important if you live by the coast or in very tropical environments.

Clean covers with a soft cloth and warm water, using a gentle upholstery cleaner if necessary. Rinse with clear water. Solvents are not suitable for cleaning the covers and may cause damage and discoloration to their surface. Never pack or fold covers that are wet; instead, let them dry in a well ventilated area. Hand wash only. Do not bleach or iron the covers.