OHMM® Manufacturing



Sometimes, you just have to do things yourself – in order to get the quality you want.  Back in 2005, OHMM started off using a contract manufacturer.  But before long, we decided to take control of our production.


The reason for this was simple.  We wanted to supply world class quality products.  We said early on, that if we were going to sell outdoor furniture, it had to be world class or we don’t do it.


By making our products day in day out, we have become obsessed with the quality – as well as looking at ways not only to improve the form but also the function.  During our journey, we’ve built up a tremendous amount of expertise on the best practices need to produce world class quality.  This makes OHMM® products unique.


Furthermore, we have one of the quickest turn around times in the industry.  We are flexible, fast moving and responsive – giving our clients the greatest service possible.  We won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get a project or order done on time, with one exception.  We’ll never compromise quality, because in this day and age, we know that quality will always win through.


We pride ourselves on being able to customise to suit clients needs and individual tastes.  Everyone is different and we recognise that sometimes the box standard just doesn’t work.  We believe we are unique in the industry on being able to offer this amount of customisation – without minimum quantity limits.


As we are not a mass producer – our levels of quality, finishing and attention to detail are unrivaled – even by the big brands.  That simply adds up to world class quality for you.  If you are in need of a contract manufacturer who delivers quality rather than quantity, please contact us on info@ohmm.ph for more information.

Sometimes, you just have to do things yourself!

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